Thursday, November 3, 2011

Emulation Project of Uta Barth: Images by Uta

Uta Barth's work screws with the demand of the viewer's gaze. Her minimalist approach denies our desire for crisp  recognizable images, and allows us to find agency in interpreting the unknown. Barth's images rely on angles, focus manipulation, and light to test the connection "between the descriptive clarity of photography and the haze of memory". The reproduction of Barth's gaze does not give her work life. It's the glimmers of recognition the viewer experiences that roots the image back into a manageable plan of perception

Her work gains strength when the viewer let's go of needing to know where, what, or who the image represents,  and becomes comfortable with the concept of the many whats, whos, and places the image invokes. A part of this movement is the dislocation inherent in Barth's work. In other words, Barth's work provides the framework of the image, and the viewer's experiences provides the story line

My emulation project concentrates on the sense of dislocation Barth uses in her work in order to draw the viewer into their own "haze of memory"

Thursday, September 22, 2011

although we are told to pave paths through 
barricades slicing insanity's rendition of ease
i seldom see foot prints drying in concrete
to make me believe
that the lies in their eyes
washing away the dirty traces of 
you and me
could ever sing me a lullaby of peace